Get the effects of surgery

As we get older, our skin loosens, creases and sags.

This is because our body stops producing as much collagen & elastin in the skin.

Using a plasma pen that creates an electrical arc, we create tiny little dots on the area to be treated. The arc causes a tiny controlled burn (think the size of a small freckle) which actively promotes the body to produce collagen and elastin to plump out wrinkles, create a more youthful glowing skin appearance, tighten up sagging skin and increase your own natural collagen stores - making this THE most natural aesthetic method of looking younger.

We treat a number of areas; where ever the skin ages, we can promote the natural regeneration of skin production to give you that natural, youthful appearance.


Wrinkle Reduction

By forcing the skin to produce collagen & elastin, your skin will tighten up to help reduce or even remove fine lines, wrinkles & create a more youthful, fuller appearance.

Skin Tightening

Whether it's to lift sagging skin around the neck/jawline or to get rid of neck bands or the lines beneath the ears, we can naturally tighten the skin to have a lifted, sculptured & defined look.

Ears-Upper Jaw


Skin Blemishes

Remove unwanted or unsightly skin blemishes with ease with minimal downtime. The procedure itself is quick and we use a reputable numbing agent to minimise feeling.

Stretchmarks & Scars

We can help significantly reduce the appearance and colours of stretch marks & scars. The natural healing process following a controlled burn gives the skin the kickstart it needs to re-heal scarred tissue and stretched skin, especially post-weight loss or post-birth.

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