FLAB JAB / skinnyjab

Lose up to 14lbs in 4 weeks


Our clients on average lose up to 13.7lbs in just 3 weeks! Take the hassle out of weight loss with evidence-based medication that supresses your appetite & makes weight loss quick, easy & long-term.


Our consultations are carried out by medically & nutritionally qualified practitioners, including our very own in-house personal trainer, a prescriber with 12 years experience & a nutritionalist with a keen interest & track record in weight loss & dietary advice.


We also offer regular follow ups, members-only access to recipes, healthy tips, advice & a team who are contactable 24/7.


How does it Work?

The injection works in three ways:

1) It distorts the hunger signals from your stomach to your brain.

2) It slows gastric emptying, meaning you are fuller for longer.

3) It helps to speed up your metabolic breakdown of stored body fat and carbs.


How is it used?

As an injectable pen, you self-administer the injection . You will be shown how to do this & given information (a step-by-step guide + videos). The needle is very fine & 89% of our clients do not even feel the injection.


Is it safe?

Absolutely. Like with any prescription-only medication, we pre-screen all clients to ensure suitability before moving to a face-to-face consultation. At that stage, our medical team will assess your medical history & suitability. Your safety is paramount, which is why we also do regular reviews & you will have access to our medical team directly whilst you are using the programme, all included & free of charge.


How Much Is It
& What's Include?

With either jab / pen, you get:


  • Your medical consultation & health screening

  • 4 Weeks Worth of Meal Plans

  • Dietary & nutritional advice from our qualified nutritionists

  • Exercise crib sheet & advice from our qualified Personal Trainer

  • Access to medical aftercare & guidance

  • Regular reviews & aftercare literature / videos to guide you

  • Access to our online Members Zone for recipes, tips & the latest news

  • Access to our Facebook Support Group to share info with other clients

  • Regular reviews, follow-ups & aftercare included.


Further pens are sold at a reduced rate as we do not need to repeat all of the above steps. You will still receive access to the members-only area and the regular reviews. Further pens are sold following your good tolerance of the medication & our clinician's approval.

The Daily FlabJab / SkinnyJab Pen:

Initial Pen: £210


Repeat Pen x 1 - £175

Repeat Pen x 2 - £275

Repeat Pen x 3 - £375

The Weekly FlabJab / SkinnyJab Pen:

Initial Pen: £295

Repeat Pen x 1 - £250

Repeat Pen x 2 - £450


All our pens are dispatched from a UK-based approved, regulated & certified pharmacy. It is a prescription-only medication and should only be sold to you by a registered prescriber who has experience in weight-loss management.


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