Delivery & Returns

General Information

We will organise distribution & shipping from our UK based pharmacies to the customer's home address or a suitable alternative.


Please ensure you have provided the correct address via your Health Form or Payment Form.

Items are dispatched with a priority Special Delivery option to ensure a speedy delivery.


All items being delivered have tracking numbers and will require a signature by the recipient upon delivery.



  • UK & Ireland - FREE Special Delivery (Next Working Day where possible)

Time Scale

We aim for Next Working Day delivery, where possible. This is dependent on the time of your consultation and the time of payment. Any orders procssed (e.g. paid) before 2pm on a Monday to Friday will be subject to next working day special delivery. Your product can therefore arrive between Tuesday & Saturday, depending on your day of order

Items paid for Saturday & Sunday will result in delivery from the Tuesday onwards.

Delivery Enquiries


Any enquiries with your delivery must be made in writing via email -

All enquiries will be handled by our admin team during Monday to Friday, 9am-4:30pm.

Damage in Transit


If any of your items are damaged in transit, please contact us immediately via email and we will investigate further for you.

Returns, Refunds & Replacements

We completely understand that sometimes you would like to return an item. We aim to make this as easy & as seamless as possible. We also strive to abide by the Consumer Rights Act (2015).

Once payment is received by AJ Hill Aesthetics, we send it to the pharmacy where a prescription is written specifically for you. Once dispensed (e.g. sent out to you) by the pharmacy, there cannot be any returns if you simply change your mind about your order or if you are dissatisfied once you have started the medication.


Our products are Prescription Only Medications and, once dispensed, any returned medication must be destroyed by a pharmacist within 30 days at a cost. It is illegal to re-sell a prescribed medication.


However, there are exceptions in which returns can apply. Any damage or discrepancies with your product/package must be raised with us within 12 hours of your item being received.


Any defects must be identified and highlighted within 48 hours of receipt of your package (the time starts from the minute the package is signed for).


Due to this being a prescription-only medication, we are under the clock to address any issues with our pharmacy as soon as possible within their Returns Policy.

Any enquiries with your delivery must be made in writing via email -

All enquiries will be handled by our admin team during Monday to Friday, 9am-4:30pm.

Damaged or Defective Goods


If your item arrives damaged or defective, we are able to initiate our Returns Process.


Damage includes;

  • Noticeable damage to the outer packaging, which has caused damage to the product itself

  • Damage to the blister packaging or notable damage to the pens

Defective goods include;

  • Tablets which have arrived broken or missing

  • Pens which do not calibrate or administer the medication correctly

  • Pens which are cracked or leaking or visibly damaged

  • The liquid within the pens is cloudy or lumpy

Our Returns Process

If a return is agreed between the customer & AJ Hill Aesthetics, all items sent to the customer must be returned within 30 days of receipt of the damaged goods (e.g. the medication, any other medications, sharps bins etc).


However, if you have purchased multiple items & wish to only return one defective item, AJ Hill Aesthetics may exercise discretion on sending back only the damaged or defective items.

If required, an investigation will take place to ascertain the full facts, which may include third parties (e.g. pharmacies, delivery agents etc). We will aim to complete an investigation within 28 working days, with exceptions to delays caused by relying on information from the aforementioned third parties.

How will we handle your returned item?


If an item is damaged or defective, we will pay the costs associated with returning the item. The customer will pay the return postage up front and then send AJ Hill Aesthetics proof of postage, which must display the cost of posting the item(s) back.


If our investigation finds that the item(s) was indeed damaged or is defective at no fault of the customer, AJ Hill Aesthetics will offer you:


  • A full refund of the product cost & the return postage cost; or

  • A replacement product & a refund of the return postage cost.


If, however, the investigation finds that the item(s) has been returned inappropriately or intentionally damaged beyond our control, AJ Hill Aesthetics will not provide a refund or pay for the return postage.

Processing a Replacement


If a replacement is agreed by both parties, we aim to dispense & ship a replacement within 3 working days from the day that the replacement is formally agreed.

Processing a Refund


If a refund is processed, we aim to process a refund within 3 working days to the original payment method used by the customer. We do not offer credit notes nor do we offer a refund by any other means except the customer's original payment method.